Candida Albicans 3rd Edition

By Louise Tenney, MH

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Candida albicans is an intestinal yeast that lives within the digestive system. When it overgrows, Candida can cause digestive problems, yeast infections, depression and other symptoms. Because its symptoms can seem unrelated, people often suffer Candida-related health problems
without realizing it. The third edition of the bestselling Woodland booklet Candida Albicans is a substantial update that contains revised, improved, user-friendly content. The new edition updates the previous edition with new content, clearer explanations and the latest research. The new edition is more comprehensive regarding the various problems caused by Candida overgrowth (including oral thrush, diaper rash, male yeast infections and gut-related issues). Also included is a section on probiotics and prebiotics, explaining how they can combat Candida overgrowth, as well as an updated section on supplements.
Candida Albicans 3rd Edition
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