Clinical Botanical Medicine: Revised & Expanded

By Eric Yarnell, ND, RH, Kathy Abascal, BS, JD, & Robert Rountree, MD

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This book explores some aspects of the multifaceted nature of botanical medicine. It consists of articles published over the years in Alternative and Complementary Therapies, with all but the most recent articles thoroughly revised and updated.

The resurgence of interest in this and related aspects of natural medicine has had both exciting and disturbing results. It is exiting that many people are reclaiming the responsibility and power of self-healing. It is exciting that many health care professionals are breaking away from dogma to expand their therapeutic medicine chest. It is disturbing that this often translates into simply using herbs or their constituents as drugs. This use certainly has a place at times but it ignores the facts that whole herbs are not drugs and offer an important and expanded way of promoting health and healing. The herbs or plants used in botanical medicine are living beings, part of the incredibly complex web we call Earth.

One of our central goals is to serve as a counterpoint to the many recent botanical texts that increasingly explain the use of herbs based solely on a constituent based approach. We illustrate that botanical medicine is and should be much deeper and more complex.
Clinical Botanical Medicine: Revised & Expanded
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