Encyclopedia of Native American Healing

By William S. Lyon

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This monumental volume explores, explains, and honours the shamanic healing practices of Native Americans throughout North America from the southwestern US to the Arctic Circle.
Healing traditions in Native American cultures offer a glimpse into a rich and varied world of belief systems and spiritual practices. Covering over 350 years of history, the more than 1200 entries in this book introduce readers to renowned Native American healers and to the societies and divisions into which healers were categorised. It describes sacred objects used in healing rituals and how such objects were used. As well as plants used to increase healing powers. Types of healing ceremonies are vividly pictured and the symbolic motifs used in healing rituals are explained, along with the major concepts that formed the many diverse Native American healing traditions. Major scholars of Native American healing are introduced, complete with firsthand accounts of their experiences.
Designed as an easy to use, comprehensive synthesis of centuries of study, with maps, a detailed subject index, an extensive bibliography and cross references, this book will fascinate anyone interested in Native American culture and heritage.
Encyclopedia of Native American Healing
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