Native American Ethnobotany

By Daniel E. Moerman

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This is a comprehensive account of the plants used by Native American peoples for medicine, food and other purposes. The author, anthropologist, has devoted more than 25 years to the compilation of the ethnobotanical knowledge slowly gathered over the course of many centuries and recorded in hundreds of first hand studies of American Indians made over the past 150 years. This research has yielded a treasure-trove of information whose magnitude will surprise even those familiar with the anthropological and botanical literature: it documents Native American use of 4029 kinds of plants with a total of 44,691 usages.
More than half of these usages are medicinal, and the breadth of plant knowledge is shown by the listings of 11,078 uses for foods, 2567 for fibers, 607 for dyes and 5494 for a rich assortment of other uses such as ceremonial and magical items, cleaning agents, containers, fertilizers, fuels, incense and fragrance, insecticides, jewellery, lubricants, musical instruments, preservatives, smoking and snuff, soap, water-proofing, tools, toys and weapons. These usages are broken down into 186 different categories so that detailed comparisons may be made.
An introductory section on plant use by Native Americans summarizes some of the most important lessons to be learned from this detailed analytical study. Extensive indexes arranged by tribe, usage, and common name facilitate access to the wealth of information in the detailed catalog of plants. Many will benefit from use of this encyclopedia.
Native American Ethnobotany
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