The Ancient Art of Tea

By Warren Peltier

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Chinese Tea Masters Share the Wisdom and Beauty of Tea.
Fine leaves and elegant utensils are only two of the key elements needed to enjoy tea. This book contains all the vital information needed to assist tea drinkers in their quest for the ultimate cup of tea.
Using knowledge extracted from the ancient Chinese tea classics, we learn the fundamental secrets of tea as practiced by ancient Chinese masters. The first secret is technique. This involves selecting the best water and heating it to the proper temperature, then brewing the tea for the right length of time. These are the basic elements of tea preparation developed 3,000 years ago in China. The second secret is that tea is not a beverage to be gulped but to be sipped in refined surroundings, using exquisite utensils, while listening to the rhythmic sound of the kettle, or observing the bubbles and ripples of the boiling water. These exemplify the fundamental concepts of the enjoyment of tea.
This book is an exhaustive source of tea knowledge, and an important contribution to the study of tea; sure to delight and enlighten all tea lovers.
The Ancient Art of Tea
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