The Book of Tea: Revised and Updated Edition

By Alain Stella, Gilles Brochard, Nadine Beautheac

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This book traces the history, myth, and rituals of tea growing and tea drinking from the tea gardens of Burma to the tea rooms of London.

Anthony Burgess and a team of historians, writers, and journalists introduce us to the techniques of tea cultivation, and follow the great clipper ships to the Far East in their quest for the most extraordinary varieties. They paint fascinating portraits of the kings of the tea trade such as Thomas Twining, whose London tea room was the first to serve tea by the cup. Robert Fortune slipped into China to steal tea plants and learn the secrets of tea production, and the adventurer Sir Thomas Lipton conquered America with his quality teas.

Extensive annexes, updated for this new edition, include a guide to teas and blends that provides everything one needs to know to fully appreciate the richness and infinite variety of tea, and a list of the best tea shops and the most elegant tea rooms in the United States and Europe.

This beautifully illustrated and designed volume, with its selection of archival and contemporary documents, makes a delightful contribution to our understanding of the culture and traditions surrounding one of the world's most popular and extraordinary beverages.
The Book of Tea: Revised and Updated Edition
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