Tribulus terrestris wild crafted seed powder 1kg

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Actions: Tonic, aphrodisiac, oestrogenic in females (indirectly), androgenic in males (directly), fertility agent.

Tribulus improves physical and exercise performance. May increase fertility, help treat menopausal symptoms, polycystic ovary syndrome and decreased libido.

Can aggravate gastro oesophageal reflux. Caution in pre-existing cholestasis.

Common name: Bindii; Bullhead; Burra Gokharu; Yellow Vine; Bindy Eye; Caltrop; Cats Head; Devils Eyelashes; Devils Thorn; Devils Weed; Goathead; Puncture Vine; Tackweed; Ci Ji Li, Common Dubbletjie; Croix-de-Malte; Abrojo; Al-Gutub; Baijili; Gokshur.

1kg seed powder
Tribulus terrestris wild crafted seed powder 1kg
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