GM Food: Genetically Manipulated Genetically Engineered

By Hugh Lovel & Stefan Mager

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Genetically Modified Organisms have the potential for a few multinational companies to dominate a large part of global food production. They would make farmers dependent on GM seeds and the chemical treatments that go along with them. Apart from safety and environmental aspects there are troublesome ethical issues as well as questions about the nutritional quality of this type of food.

This Guide offers a comprehensive overview of this important subject. Full colour with many illustrations.

One of the authors is Hugh Lovel who has 30 years experience as a biodynamic farmer and teacher. Since his university days (chemistry and biology) he has felt uncomfortable with the intellectual self-deception of institutionalized science and has consistently stepped outside the ranks of academy.

Features: 8 x A4 pages, full colour on sturdy card, protection coated both sides.
GM Food: Genetically Manipulated Genetically Engineered
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