Harnessing The Healing Power of Fruit

By Roger C. Rinn, PhD & Ralph E. Carson, PhD

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Take control of your health!
A new paradigm for healthy living has evolved over the past quarter of a century. Instead of waiting for illness to overtake you, you now have ways of preventing many of the most feared and difficult ailments of modern men and women. By combing a diet full of fruits and vegetables with other healthy lifestyle choices, you are helping your body protect itself from illness and disease.
The result of years of extensive research from the authors, this book explains the health benefits of nineteen different fruits, tells you where they are grown, and offers advice on purchasing, storing and serving them. Quick and easy recipes for fruit salads and tasty fruit juice combinations will inspire you to add these nutritional powerhouses to your menu.
You will never look at fruit the same way again!
Harnessing The Healing Power of Fruit
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