Healing Secrets Of The Native Americans

By Porter Shimer

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Herbs, Remedies and Practices that Restore the Body, Refresh the Mind and Rebuild the Spirit.
Uncover the secrets Native Americans have known and practiced for generations. Learn to harness the bountiful gifts of nature to heal the body, mind and spirit.
- Discover how the Native American tradition uses all natural remedies and techniques to heal dozens of everyday ailments
- Learn about the healing power of more than 40 different types of plants and herbs from Aloe to Yarrow
- Discover all natural treatments for more than 40 ailments from acne to wrinkles
- Get in touch with your own healing spirit through dream therapy and prayer
- Create your very own Native American spa using heat to rid the body of toxins, massage for relaxation and rejuvenation as well as visualisation, sound and movement for improved mental and emotional health.
- Also, includes important information such as the locations of essential Native American sacred places, a herbal shopping guide and internet resources.
Healing Secrets Of The Native Americans
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