Medical Marijuana 101: Everything They Told You Is Wrong

By Mickey Martin, Ed Rosenthal & Gregory T. Carter, MD

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Medical Marijuana 101 is a straightforward soruce for information about using marijuana medicinally. Written by three well-known experts in the field, this book is for all people who are curious about the use of cannabis as medicine.

Is Medical Marijuana for real?
What conditions does it treat?
What are the active chemicals in marijuana that make it an effective medicine?
How can a person legally obtain medical marijuana?
Are there side effects?
What are the different ways to administer marijuana?

Medicinal Marijuana 101 is an effective guide for people interestedc in learning more about this controversial topic.

Most likely, you or someone you love currently suffers from a condition that can be relieved with marijuana. If that's the case, Medical Marijuana 101 should be on your bookshelf.
Medical Marijuana 101: Everything They Told You Is Wrong
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