Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Dr Kamal K. Joshi & Professor Sanu Devi Joshi

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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Used in Nepal, Tibet and Trans-Himalayan Region.
To remain healthy and live longer man is using herbal medicines from prehistoric time. The enormous potentiality Himalayan herbs brought up two important methods of practicing medicine for preventing and curing diseases in south. They are Ayurvedic medicines originated in the south of Himalayas and Tibetan medicines originated in the north of Himalayas. Both of these medicines are considered to be as old as the beginning of human civilization. They are being popularly used in India, Nepal, Tibet and neighbouring countries since their inception. In recent years, their popularity has been grown widely and rapidly throughout the globe for its persistent effects and having little or no side effects.

With the view of providing valuable information on these herbs with their names, descriptions, distributions, conservation status and medicinal uses this book is prepared. Most of the plants included in this book are indigenous to Great Himalayas. However, a very few of them are exotic but naturalized in Himalayan countries and are being used in local herbal medicines since long. This book is expected to be very useful to the students of pharmacognosy, Ayurvedic medicines, Amchis (the doctors of Tibetan medicine), ethnobotany, research workers and trekkers in Himalayas. It is a good start of preserving traditional knowledge of herbal medicine of Tibet and Nepal Himalayas from the part of the authors.
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
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