Mim's Magic Balm 100ml

By Tarquin Lavender Farm

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Previously known as Healing and Relief Balm Taraquin Lavender Farm produces this renown Australian made product which can be used from moisturising and healing dry skin to relieving arthritis... the results will astound you.

Use topically when needed and apply 10 minutes following to enhance.

All Natural Ingredients include and may assist with:

Lavender, which renews cells, heals and relieves pain and kills bacteria
Comfrey, which acts as an anti-inflammatory
Tea Tree, which fights off infection and has antibacterial agents
Eucalyptus, which has a calming effect and is a natural antiseptic
Rosemary, which helps with circulation and is a muscle relaxant
Vitamin E, which renews moisture, rids free radicals and protects cell membranes
Olive Oil, which has anti-aging qualities and activates healthy cells
Almond Oil, which helps the balm absorb quickly into skin and balances water loss
Sage, which fights injury, is a bone healer and is the balm’s preservative
Bees Wax, which has an antibiotic effect and creates a protective

Mims Magic Balm will astound you! Use for;
1. Gardeners (repairs cracks in skin, fixes dry skin)
2. Arthritis.. within 10 minutes you should feel pain relief for approximately 3 hours.
3. Skin problems (all skin problems, from psoriasis to eczema).
4 Joints.. used for pain relief in joints, sprains, neck strain. Muscles aches.
5. Reduce swelling in your body (diabetics love this).
6. Bruising.. draws it out of your body, healing as it goes..
7. Injuries.. Open cuts - scratches.. a disinfectant, repairs, seals a protective coat..
8. Pimples within minutes.. it stops the growth..
9. Kids - a first aid kit for kids (always bumping themselves)
10. Headaches, induces sleep and rest.

Caution: Avoid using for the first four months of pregnancy and longer if there is a history of miscarriage.
Mim's Magic Balm 100ml
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