Sapo In My Soul; The Matse's Frog Medicine

By Peter Gorman

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Peter Gormans Sapo In My Soul is the story of the Western worlds discovery of the powerful Matses frog medicine known as Sapo or Kambo. Part memoir, adventure story, magical mystery tour, jungle jaunt and documentary, Sapo In My Soul is also an essential guidebook to using the medicine traditionally. With over two dozen photos as well as stories and information on sapos sister medicine nu-nu, Sapo In My Soul is a power-packed ride into uncharted terrain.

What people are saying: Adventurous, courageous and foolish in fairly equal measures, Peter has drunk, snorted, inhaled and otherwise extensively fed deeply from the ingenious pharmacopoeia of the Amazonian shamans. In his latest tale Sapo In My Soul, he recounts his dramatic discovery of the use of sapo frog among the Peruvian Matses. Using his well-developed eye for detail and driven by innate curiosity, Gorman shares his early days of sapo discovery, and sets the scene for the examination of sapos vel peptides by pharmaceutical entities.
Sapo In My Soul; The Matse's Frog Medicine
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