Scents Of The Soul

By Ginger Quinlan

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Creating Herbal Incense for Body, Mind and Spirit.
This book will:
- awaken your soul's energy and transform it to a much higher state of awareness
- learn about natural healing, herbs, essential oils, energy and how to move stuck energy
- discover techniques designed to assist you in focusing energy while creating results through meditation and intention
- access the Spirit Realm, Earthly Realm, and the Realm of Self Awareness while mixing and creating yummy herbal recipes to assist you in opening up your energy
- experience hidden parts of your intuitive awareness 'waking up' and making themselves know to you
Included in this cookbook of energy are instructions on the use of candle magic, meditation, manifesting prosperity, finding love, and attracting your Guides and Angels. Your life will be naturally enhanced by working with the herbs and allowing the energetic process to flow through your mind, body and soul. These are no ordinary incense recipes, but a special way to facilitate energetic shifts and releases in your life, creating herbal incense for body, mind and spirit.
Scents Of The Soul
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