Silver Encased Calabash Gourd

Traditional Yerba Mate Cup

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Traditional calabash pumpkin gourd encased in a silver coating with build in stand.

Colour: Silver
Design: Cup with Stand
Volume: Approx. 250ml
Height: Approx. 10cm

These Mate gourds are harvested and prepared in the traditional fashion, naturally treated and encased in a silver coating. The inside the gourd may show dark brown or grey stains that characterize the plant. These should not be seen as deformities or blemishes in the gourd, but as natural markings.

For your gourd to be ready for use, it needs to be cured. This helps prevent cracking, moulding, and improves the flavour. You will notice that the longer you use your gourd, the better your Yerba mate will taste.

Fill the gourd half-way with Yerba Mate. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the gourd until it is full. Warning: boiling water may crack your gourd. Let the gourd sit in a well-ventilated place for 24 hours, topping it off with water as the gourd absorbs it. Then pour out the contents of the gourd and rinse thoroughly in running water. Your gourd is ready for use!
Silver Encased Calabash Gourd
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