Tea Cookbook: Sweet and Savory Recipes for Tea Lovers

By Tonia George

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There are so many varieties of tea available and almost as many ways of enjoying it. This book presents a unique take on tea culture by offering both sweet and savory recipes using a whole host of exquisite flavours.

The Savory dishes show how versatile an ingredient tea can be. Tea-smoked Sea Trout with Beans and Pancetta, and Mussels in Lemon and Ginger Tea Broth are great for a dinner party while Green Tea, Tofu, Noodle and Cress Soup is the perfect choice when you need a dose of healthy eating. Mint Tea Couscous with Roast Squash, Halloumi, Dates and Pistachios is so simple that its ideal for feeding the whole family when time is precious.

Transform your Desserts into something irresistible. Bake a lovely russet-colour Deep-fille Assam and Lemon Tart and serve it with blueberries for a show-stopping dessert. For a delicate and easy dish, try a fresh twist on an old favourite, Pears Poached in Chamomile Tea and Spices.

Sink your teeth into an Earl Grey Chocolate Truffle and you will be hit by the creaminess and bitterness of the chocolate-and only right at the end by the distinctive bergamot perfume of Earl Grey. These truffles, along with White Tea and Apricot Jam and Chocolate Oolong Tea Loaf among others, make lovely Sweet Treats to give as thoughtful gifts or simply for your own indulgence.

Finally, there are lots of refreshing surprises in the Drinks chapter - the Green Tea Martini and Hot Tea Toddy will satisfy and kind of thirst.
Tea Cookbook: Sweet and Savory Recipes for Tea Lovers
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