By Floyd Davis

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A Science Fiction Adventure. A truly epic tale set in the near future setting sees humanity under the complete digital dominance of the World Public Authority and its elitist Comitia - the master manipulators of fear and control. With the sinister Lord Chairman at its head, the dark dictate of Supreme Law is ruthlessly enforced upon the masses. But the tides were turning and the implanted biochips of the conforming citizens began to breakdown at an alarming rate, placing the controllers, as well as the controlled, in grave danger. So with covetous eys the Comitia focus upon the forbidden realm of Mandalaland...the untainted life-blood of the rebels, their solution to the diseased population's survival! Was Angelmote Operations the ultimate exercies in covert mind-infiltration or did the Angelmote experience itself alter everything forever? You'll have to judge yourself....
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