The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Cha-No-Yu

By A. L. Sadler

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The tea ceremony - know as cha-no-yu, or literally hot water for tea - has touched nearly every aspect of Japanese life.

Abundantly illustrated with drawings and photographs showing every aspect of the tea ceremony, this book takes the reader on a complete tour of furniture and utensils, architecture and gardens, and numerous other features of cha-no-yu. Photos of tea bowls, teahouses and gardens reveal the exquisite artistry of the cult of tea.

The book remains the most comprehensive and detailed work on the tea ceremony in English. It is an excellent companion volume to Chado: The Way of Tea and The Book of Tea.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony includes:
- Descriptions of the many disciplines contained within the broader framework of tea ceremony, including art, architecture, gardening and exquisite handicrafts
- The experiences of masters of the art over the centuries
- Histories of the various chools and traditions of the art of tea
The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Cha-No-Yu
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