All Natural Loofah

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All Natural Loofah or Luffa sponge is a fantastic body exfoliator or alternatively, you can cut it down into smaller slices and use it as a totally compostable dish scrubber!

Simply wet, and the sponge will soften, and gently exfoliate your skin, or vigorously scrub your pots.

Nowadays, you can find plenty of scrubbing and exfoliating products in stores. But why would you want to settle for a plastic product when nature has the perfect solution? Our Loofah is derived from Luffa gourd, giving you an all-natural alternative that’ll leave your skin feeling fresh and invigorated.

The Loofah is known for its excellent exfoliating properties. It removes dead skin cells from the outer surface of your body, allowing your skin to regenerate more quickly. Loofah is also known to rid feet from callus and cracking of skin. Plus, it does so without any added chemicals or unnecessary micro plastics.

1x Natural Loofah
20-25cm in size
Cut to Desired Size

To Care:
Take out of the shower after use and dry in sunlight. Boil your loofah for a couple of minutes after every few uses. Replace every 4 weeks. Compost at the end of its life.

100% Compostable, 100% Biodegradable.
All Natural Loofah
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