Jiaogulan organic dried tea 150g

Gynostemma pentaphyllum

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Jiaogulan is used for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improving heart function. It is also used for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress (as an adaptogen), improving memory, anti-aging and preventing hair loss.

This herb has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine used for its all round health benefits with the added bonus of being an enjoyable tea, described as sweet tasting with spicy overtones.

Common name: 5-Leaf Ginseng; Southern Ginseng; Poor-Mans Ginseng; Sweet Tea Vine; Southern Ginseng; Miracle Grass; Fairy Herb; Chinese Xiancao; Gospel Herb; Sweet Tea of the Vine; Dungkulcha; Immortality Herb; Jag.
Jiaogulan organic dried tea 150g
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